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Whangarei Heads Civil Defence Help line

Would you like a telephone chat buddy to drink coffee with?
Are you pregnant and would you like to be in contact with women who are in a similar position?
Do you need shopping or medication?
Would you be interested in sharing cooking recipes which were a success?
Do you want to play scrabble on line?

Often we hesitate to ask for help, but these are different times. We don’t know how long the lock down period will last. Having somebody to talk to may just make that difference between struggling through and making it through without too much stress. This is a time in which working together is more important than ever. So why wait till you feel really down: make some connections before it gets to that point.

The help line is not just for people who are elderly or with compromised health. The help line is there for everyone, regardless of age or need.

There are more volunteers at the moment than there are people who need a helping hand. That is good, but we hope that still more people will come forward to offer help if that were required. Ring the help line or send us an email, even if you just want to know a bit more about the service.

Volunteers may want to talk with other volunteers. Don’t hesitate: ring the help line! Let us know. is a website with the latest information, be it Covid-19, food recalls, storms, road closures etc. You can register for free and tailor the alerts per region and city to suit your personal needs.

Tsunami siren testing

This Sunday 5 April (end of Day light saving) the sirens which alert us to impending tsunamis will be tested again. At 10.00hrs they will go for 10 minutes and 10.30hrs they will go again for about 30 seconds. During the entire period the blue flashing light underneath the siren should be flashing.
The sirens are positioned from Ocean Beach to McLeod Bay

The Whangarei Heads Civil Defence Local Response Group has organised for eight volunteers to physically check the sirens. We will collate the feed back and report the findings to the NRC.


Do you need medication?
We have had feed back from various sources that it is now easiest to ask your doctor to fax or email your prescription to the pharmacy. You can ask the chemist to either courier your medication to your home, have it sent with RD4 postie or have it dropped of at Parua Bay for collection by yourself or a person who wants to do this for you.

To minimize the impact of Covid-19 we have to work all together

A new online form has been released for the public to report incidents of people breaching the COVID-19 alert level four restrictions.
The form can be found at

Stay safe and be kind to one another.

In the back of the Whangarei Heads Newsletter are phone numbers for members of the Whangarei Heads Civil Defence Local Response Group. If you have concerns which you believe Civil Defence can address, let us know.

The Whangarei Heads Civil Defence Local Response Group