Whangārei Heads Speed Limit Bylaw Review  

Public Meeting
McLeod Bay Hall
Wednesday 26th October, 7pm  

As part of the Road to Zero National Road Safety Strategy, the Whangarei District Council are reviewing speed limits in a staged process, focusing on areas where there is evidence that changing the speed limit will make the most difference.  The goal is to improve the overall road safety to reduce serious harm and fatal crashes as well as to match new speed limits with the road environment.   


Whangārei District Council will be seeking community feedback on proposed new speed limits in the Whangārei Heads area, including Parua Bay and other harbour side communities. For more information on the proposal click here [pdf 1.1 MB]. Consultation and submissions will be open from 28 October to 5 December 2022, with hearings to be scheduled in February 2023.  

Want to learn more? Come along to the McLeod Bay Hall for a presentation from Shawn Baker, NTA (Northland Transportation Alliance) Contractor/Speed Limits Project Manager, on the proposed changes and how to make a submission.  Please note that questions during this presentation will be moderated. 

Patrick Holmes, our newly elected District Councillor, will be attending the meeting and is very keen to understand how our community can engage with the consultation process.  

A gold coin donation to support the McLeod Bay Hall would be greatly appreciated. This meeting has been organised by the Whangārei Heads Citizen Association.  

Local Elections 2022

The Whangārei Heads Citizen Association invite you to a ‘Meet the Candidates’ meeting at the McLeod Bay Hall on Wednesday 14th September from 7pm – 9pm

Each candidate will have 5 minutes to introduce themselves, outline why they are standing and issues that are important to them, followed by questions.  

You can come with written questions or we can collect as you arrive (pen and paper will be available).   Questions will be grouped and asked to the applicable candidates by a moderator.  Answers will be limited to 1 minute.  

All Mayoral Candidates, WDC Whangārei Heads General Ward Candidates and NRC Coastal Central Ward Candidates have been invited to this meeting. 

Other local meetings will be hosted by the Parua Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association at the Parua Bay School Auditorium on Friday 2nd September at 6.30pm (for NRC Coastal Central General Candidates and Te Raki Māori Constituency Candidates) and Saturday 3rd September at 3pm (for Whangārei Heads General Ward Candidates and Whangārei District Māori Ward Candidates) 

The 2022 local election will be held by postal vote from 16 September to 8 October 2022. Please be informed and exercise your vote!  

WDC – Essential Covid-19 Information for Customers

From WDC Councillor Greg Innes:

Here is the place to go for consistent council related information. 

The link below is to the page on our website which we and customers can visit for answers to straight forward questions about Council operations during lock down.  The aim of this page is to ensure messages are consistent regardless of who is answering. 


It includes (on the right hand side under “resources”) links to the government’s Covid 19 page, and to the MSD page which has government information for businesses and employees.